Thursday, 17 February 2011

Folksy Friday - You make me feel like dancing.....

So the day has finally arrived for me to get dolled up as a Sailor and take to the boards for the dance show, arrrrgggghhh.  Scared? Me? No.... I'm petrified, but as long as I don't fall over I don't think anyone will notice the odd mis-step or two!  Thankfully there are 6 other Mums on stage with me who are eqaully as nervous!  Having said that we've been practising since September and for a 'dance troop' whos collective age is about 300 we're not half bad!!

Our eldest daughter has 3 dances to do and is so excited she hasn't slept all week!  She dances so beautifully it brings tears to my eyes.  During the Finale we are both on stage together.  In the dress rehearsal when I arrived on stage she turned to me and smiled the biggest smile and my heart swelled with so much pride I burst in to tears.  Fingers crossed I can hold it in on the real performances!

As soon as we finish the final performance we're sailing off to France to visit la famille francaise for half term.  It will be a lovely break after the show and fab to catch up with family.

So with that in mind my Folksy Friday this week all about dance.  As ever if you love what you see click on the pic and go shop!

Hope you all get chance to dance this weekend, even if it's only round the kitchen, music heals the soul U♥

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

This week I'm........

♥  Getting rather nervous about the Dance Show at the Weekend.  Our daughter is sooo excited to get on stage she can't sleep!  We had the dress rehearsal last week and I cried when I saw her dance, she does it so beautifully.  Goodness knows what I'll be like on the night.  I'm not as enthusiastic about taking to the boards myself, though I do think I will feel a real buzz after it's over!  Here's the delightful costume I'll be sporting.  Wish me luck! 

♥  Packing to go to France to visit the in-laws for half term.

♥ Loving British Music.  The BRIT awards were fab last night.  Amazing how such a small island can dominate world music.  Big up the british bands!!

♥ Loving the sunshine today.  I'm supposed to be at work and our youngest is supposed to be at nursery, but she has an eye infection and can't go.  This is the view from the back of our house over to the castle, stunning isn't it?  I feel so much better in the sunshine, don't you?  It's makes me want to get out of bed and achieve great things.  For the past 10 years I've been trying to persuade my Monsieur to move to the South of France, but he prefers England?!?! What are the chances?!

♥  Loving the work of Unique Beaded Gems ♥ Urban Eye ♥ and Chicita / Gimme That Thing ♥ Go take a look their work is outstanding

♥ Featuring these lovelies from my Folksy Shop, just click on the photo to be taken straight to the item on


Have a great week people! U♥

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Folksy Friday - Flutter by Butterfly

The next few weeks are going to be a little bit manic in our world. Our eldest's dance school are putting on a big show next weekend and as I attend an adult tap class run by the dance school I have a dance to do too! So this weekend has in store a dress rehearsal, a technical rehearsal, a visit to see a friends new baby boy and 2 birthday parties! Not to mention the finishing touches to the show costumes and having a toddler in tow who has no idea what's going on!! All good fun though. There will be 3 performances next weekend and the morning after the final show we set off to France to visit the in-laws for the week! Phew!

As you can imagine I shall be flitting about like a butterfly over the coming week, hence my Folksy Friday theme, aside from my addiction to these beautiful creatures. I find them quite magical. We are lucky enough to have a butterfly house 5 minutes away from our house, it's one of the most beautiful places and the variety of colours always amazes me.

I hope you like my selection. If you love what you see just click on the pic and flutter away to Folksy and go shop!

Have a great weekend, U♥

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

This week I'm.........

♥ Enjoying my Birthday! Yippeee! I have been spoilt this morning by my Monsieur and our lovely girls. Now I'm getting ready for lunch out with my parents. Happy Day!

♥ Spraying tap shoes silver, for my eldest daughter's dance show in a couple of weeks. I was dreading spraying them as I thought they would look very 'homemade'. However it was suprisingly easy to do and they look fab!  It's amazing what you can do with a piece of sandpaper and a can of silver spray paint

♥ Looking forward to learning to make amigurumi.  I've just got this book for my birthday and the creatures look so cute.  Can't wait to give it a go when I find that elusive spare minute.

♥ Loving the winter sunshine. I feel so much more lively when the sun shines. I really dislike dull, dreary days, I'd much rather they be crisp and sunny.

♥ Still giggling from Friday night when we saw Russell Howard at the MEN, sooo funny.

♥ Loving watching our 18m old learn new words each day.  Her favourite is still 'no', but hearing her version of our eldest's name as she calls out to play with her is magical.

♥ Enjoying listing some of my new line for 2011

♥ Eating Birthday cake, yuuuummmmyyyy!

♥ Particularly loving the work of these Folksy shops: Lou Lous Luxuries , Buttercup Boutique and Artisan Silver. Sadly at the ripe old age of 38 I don't get birthday money anymore, but if I did these are the shops I'd be making a beeline for

Have a great week!  U♥

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Folksy Friday - live laugh love

It's my birthday next Tuesday so this weekend is all about fun, laughter, family and friends. I'm so looking forward to it! My Monsieur and I are having a rare night away tomorrow night. We're going to see Russell Howard at the MEN and I can't wait. Our girls are staying with Granny and Grandpa overnight, we have a hotel booked and the intention for a big night out in Manchester. I say 'intention' because usually on such occassions we end up asleep by 10.30pm! It's tough getting old! The rest of the weekend will be spent catching up with friends and family and cuddling a week old baby - gorgeous.

So my Folksy Friday this week is all about fun, laughter, love and most importantly cake! Happy weekend everyone, I hope you have loads of fun ♥