Friday, 6 August 2010

Sunny Wales here we come!

I just can't wait!  I'm so excited, well beyond excited, I could burst! 

We're going off on our first camping trip and (can you believe it...?) our first holiday as a family!  The pile of things we need to take has been growing gradually all week, but looking from the pile to the car and back we are going to need a minor miracle if it's all going to fit it!  Travelling light with a 5yr old and a 1yr old is not an easy task.  Capsule wardrobes have been employed and accessories are down to a bare minimum.  Mind you, we'll probably end up wearing the same 2 outfits all week.  If the weather forecast is anything to go by it will be wellies, jeans, fleece, cagoule, rather more than sun dress and sandals! 

Le Chateau

Our neighbour said (with what I thought was a slight smirk) "I think you might need a roof box"! 

I love a challenge so out with the roof box and in with the military planning, which in my terms means a huge amount of lists!!

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