Wednesday, 18 August 2010

This week I'm..... No 2.

* loving the delight on my 1yo's face during a bout of involuntary clapping

* relishing the energy and inspiration I've returned from my camping trip with though not loving the runny  nose which has arrived

* gggrrrrrr'ing at my drier, which has decided to strike at the sign of rain.  English weather + broken drier + 5yo and 1yo = unhappy Mummy!

* still loving the sterling work of Marissa at New Dress a Day.  For anyone who hasn't visited her site take a look, for a whole year she is finding clothes for $1 at garage sales etc and refashioning them into something to wear every day!  Brrrriiiillliant stuff, I'm hooked!  I was so inspired by her work that during our camping trip I rehashed a pair of jeans into some shorts with my sewing kit in the confines of our tented bedroom!!

* reading LOOK  magazine, the perfect balance of fashion and gossip in my opinion!

* making up an order for a lovely customer - get your back to school personalised name bag charms here!

* wishing we had camping tickets for the Just So Festival

* Looking forward to date night tonight with my hubby