Friday, 3 September 2010

Folksy Friday! Back to School

Like many Mums throughout the country I'm in 'back to school' mode this week.  Our eldest is going into Year 1 this year and as she has said herself, after an hours visit last term "phew, Year 1 is going to be hard work"! The play of the Reception Class will be replaced by books and pens and the comfy cushions and carpet will be replaced by tables and chairs.  My little girl is growing up and I'd like time to stop, just for a little....

Hope you like my selection, Ursula x


  1. make the most of it while they are still young. my youngest is now 20 and away at university, I cant believe how quickly the time has passed by.
    joy xx

  2. lots of lovely items, those blackboard necklaces are fantastic :-D and I love the badger so cute!

  3. It's scary how time passes isn't it?! She's so grown up now, but still only 5!

    I love the blackboard items, from Twinklyspangle, too! Such a simple but clever idea.

    Thanks for your comments, Ursula x