Tuesday, 14 September 2010

This week I'm..... (No 4)

* Not loving the rain that has decended on us it makes me miserable!  Though on the upside I do get to wear my new coat :-)

* Enjoying making new my new line in cross body coin purses.  Keep a look out for new fabrics and designs as they are underway! 

* Still waiting for my youngest to take to walking!  She's superfast at walking just holding one hand.  I'm looking forward to putting her in dresses again when she's up and running, if she wears a dress at the moment she ends up crawling onto it, falling forward and bashing her nose, ouch!

* Making a plan to see old friends more often.  I'm blessed to have a bunch of friends which I have known over 20 years.  Whilst we will all be friends forever we don't see each other as much as I'd like and I'm on a mission to do something about it!

* Knee deep in washing as my drier has packed up and the rain won't stop - conspiracy?

* Generally losing the plot over most things!  This week I'm having particular trouble finding the right words.  My over-use of the word thingy has reached huge proportions!

* Twittering- well I have tweeted........once........I shall get the hang of it soon.....perhaps!

Have a great week, whatever you're up to, Ursula x


  1. Just looked at your shop. Cute things...have added you to my favourites (-:

  2. Thank you kindly Sugarplum :D