Thursday, 30 September 2010

Folksy Friday!

You find me at a very exciting time this week as I've just ordered a logo, banner and avatar from It's all about the graphics and you could say I'm rather excited about it!  Apart from being relieved that the lovely Bonnita is going to sort me and my shop out, because I made the 150th purchase from her shop she's given me a free gift too: some business cards. Yipppeeee!

So in celebration of that I've come over all dotty for my Folksy Friday.  I am very fold of the old polka dot and am glad to have 2 little girls who can get away with wearing them, to indulge my addiction.  Alas as a 37 year old woman I fear my polka dot wearing days are behind me!  Anyway here are my lovely picks for this week, I hope you love them as much as I do!

Have a great weekend, Ux


  1. oooh lovely fabrics, in fact it's all lovely and you're never to old for polka dots!

    Kate x

  2. That bracelet is ridiculously cute!

  3. Wear those polka dots with pride (even if its just your pants he he), you're never too old!
    Lovely picks, the wee door handles are sweet.

  4. Thanks for your comments! My love of polka dots has been a life long obsession, I remember wearing a navy and white polka dot, satin playsuit to my 18th Birthday! (sounds delish, I know) That takes me back, ahhh happy days. Not sure I could get away with that now, but I like the pants idea...


  5. such lovely choices and wear polka dots to your heart's content!! xx

  6. If you wanna wear polka dot go ahead!!!
    Loving your finds esp those little shoes