Thursday, 7 October 2010


It's finally happened!  At 14 months my littlest poppet has started walking and mighty pleased with herself she is too!  She's been threatening to walk for weeks now but has stuck to the crawling as she can do so at the speed of light!
You might be laughing now Sylvie.....

Her elder sister at this moment in time thinks it's great, like having one of those walking talking dolls.  Perhaps in a week or two when she realises Jenna can now follow her anywhere she goes, Sylvie might have a different take on the matter!


Guilty?  Me Mummy?  No
 I am most pleased that Jenna has taken to walking as her climbing was reaching quite dangerous proportions.  In the last week alone I have caught her scaling the stairs, sat on top of her sister's desk and almost on the kitchen work top, having climbed up the back of her pushchair!  She has been known, since she was quite small, as Dare devil.  She was born with a glint in her eye and a sense of mischief, I blame her Papa!  In any event she's a lot of fun, though I have a feeling she will lead us a merry dance in a few years!

But most of all I'm pleased because I feel as though it's the real start of their relationship together as sisters.  They will now be able to run off into the garden together, hold hands and chase about together, play hide and seek, explore together, really start interacting with each other and becoming the best friends I hope they will always be.

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