Friday, 8 October 2010

Folksy Friday!

Gosh it's that time again already!  This week has been an exciting week on the shop front, I've had some sales which is always a good thing and the most exciting thing of all...........  I've got a logo!  And the banner, avatar and business cards will be following shortly!  I thought it was about time I smarten my look up and get everything on a more professional footing.

Here's my logo, all shiny and new.  Love it!

It looks so simple and stylish but I didn't appreciate how hard it is to try and encapsulate the 'feeling' of your shop into a colour and a font.  Taxing is not the word.....!  Thankfully the lovely Bonnita has taken me on board and brilliantly turned my whimsy into tangible ideas!

Anyway, enough of my rambling this week I have chosen items on the theme of pink stars and fairy cakes, hope you like them.  Have a good weekend, Ux


  1. GORGEOUS picks! loving your new logo, and FF choices, thank you for including my Pink Star Cluster necklace! :)
    Vicky stars&scars

  2. thanks Vicky, I love your pink star necklace it's fab x

  3. Love your new logo! Bonnita does fab work. Am looking forward to seeing the complete package
    Great finds. Love the cupcake earrings