Thursday, 10 February 2011

Folksy Friday - Flutter by Butterfly

The next few weeks are going to be a little bit manic in our world. Our eldest's dance school are putting on a big show next weekend and as I attend an adult tap class run by the dance school I have a dance to do too! So this weekend has in store a dress rehearsal, a technical rehearsal, a visit to see a friends new baby boy and 2 birthday parties! Not to mention the finishing touches to the show costumes and having a toddler in tow who has no idea what's going on!! All good fun though. There will be 3 performances next weekend and the morning after the final show we set off to France to visit the in-laws for the week! Phew!

As you can imagine I shall be flitting about like a butterfly over the coming week, hence my Folksy Friday theme, aside from my addiction to these beautiful creatures. I find them quite magical. We are lucky enough to have a butterfly house 5 minutes away from our house, it's one of the most beautiful places and the variety of colours always amazes me.

I hope you like my selection. If you love what you see just click on the pic and flutter away to Folksy and go shop!

Have a great weekend, U♥


  1. I was terrified of butterflies as a kid, but now I rather like them :)

    lovely choices - especially the domino brooch

  2. Gorgeous butterflies to brighten up this dull grey day. Thank you
    Marie x

  3. Beautiful collection! Love the central one especially

    Katie x

  4. Thanks for your comments. I especially love the blue bowl, it's so gorgeous. U ♥

  5. such delicate pretty butterflies, your selection looks great together, thank you again for featuring my domino brooch.

    have a lovely weekend
    Kellie (itsthelittlethings)

  6. My daughter dances too so I know the feeling - I need to create a mad hatter costume for her next ballet show - Alice in Wonderland. I love to tap too, though wouldn't have the courage to be in the show. Well done you!! Love selection -very pretty. I love the bag xx