Wednesday, 16 February 2011

This week I'm........

♥  Getting rather nervous about the Dance Show at the Weekend.  Our daughter is sooo excited to get on stage she can't sleep!  We had the dress rehearsal last week and I cried when I saw her dance, she does it so beautifully.  Goodness knows what I'll be like on the night.  I'm not as enthusiastic about taking to the boards myself, though I do think I will feel a real buzz after it's over!  Here's the delightful costume I'll be sporting.  Wish me luck! 

♥  Packing to go to France to visit the in-laws for half term.

♥ Loving British Music.  The BRIT awards were fab last night.  Amazing how such a small island can dominate world music.  Big up the british bands!!

♥ Loving the sunshine today.  I'm supposed to be at work and our youngest is supposed to be at nursery, but she has an eye infection and can't go.  This is the view from the back of our house over to the castle, stunning isn't it?  I feel so much better in the sunshine, don't you?  It's makes me want to get out of bed and achieve great things.  For the past 10 years I've been trying to persuade my Monsieur to move to the South of France, but he prefers England?!?! What are the chances?!

♥  Loving the work of Unique Beaded Gems ♥ Urban Eye ♥ and Chicita / Gimme That Thing ♥ Go take a look their work is outstanding

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Have a great week people! U♥

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  1. Thanks for the mention. Love the items you've shown from your shop! Good luck to your daughter this weekend!! Jo x