Thursday, 17 February 2011

Folksy Friday - You make me feel like dancing.....

So the day has finally arrived for me to get dolled up as a Sailor and take to the boards for the dance show, arrrrgggghhh.  Scared? Me? No.... I'm petrified, but as long as I don't fall over I don't think anyone will notice the odd mis-step or two!  Thankfully there are 6 other Mums on stage with me who are eqaully as nervous!  Having said that we've been practising since September and for a 'dance troop' whos collective age is about 300 we're not half bad!!

Our eldest daughter has 3 dances to do and is so excited she hasn't slept all week!  She dances so beautifully it brings tears to my eyes.  During the Finale we are both on stage together.  In the dress rehearsal when I arrived on stage she turned to me and smiled the biggest smile and my heart swelled with so much pride I burst in to tears.  Fingers crossed I can hold it in on the real performances!

As soon as we finish the final performance we're sailing off to France to visit la famille francaise for half term.  It will be a lovely break after the show and fab to catch up with family.

So with that in mind my Folksy Friday this week all about dance.  As ever if you love what you see click on the pic and go shop!

Hope you all get chance to dance this weekend, even if it's only round the kitchen, music heals the soul U♥


  1. My kids can't hide their dismay with my dancing efforts but i just love to boogie! Bring on the weekend... starting with a Funky Friday!

  2. Ha ha! I remember the sheer embarrassment I felt as a child watching my Mum dance! I hope Sylvie isn't too embarrassed by me lumbering about! Have a good weekend x

  3. My little girl did tap, ballet and modern for a while and did a few shows on the bigs stage in the Corn Exchange in our town, which was wonderful to behold, she just smiled all throught the performances.

    Lovely choices for your FF blog and good luck!

    Natalie x

  4. Oh, my. Those disco lego men are sooo cool!

  5. What a lovely story!!

    Thanks for including my baby ballerina slippers :)

  6. I hope you have a lovely time - I would say "break a leg" but probably best not to. Thank you for including my ballet dancers pendant

  7. Well done you - hope it goes well for you and your daughter. The audience will love you. I still want to cry when I watch my 16 yr old dance. She's always wanted to dance and wants a career in performing arts. She dancing the mad hatter in a ballet soon - I'll have the tissues at the ready.....

    Love the black petticoat

  8. good luck with the dancing! I love the little lego disco dudes! fab :o)

  9. Thank-you for including my earrings - what a lovely theme!